Jenter set za uzgoj matica 015 (Jenter aparat)

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Jenter aparat za sakupljanje matične mliječi.


U ponudi imamo tri različita Jenter setova za uzgoj matica.

Jenter aparat za sakupljanje matične mliječi.

1. For collecting royal jelly. You can mount on a par 33 bowls, thanks to the bars for breeding frame. This makes possible to give the bees for the Queen Bee’s upbringing a significant number of larvae at one time. Such proximity ranking of queen bee’s cells do not guarantee the best conditions for the development of the Queen Bee, but creates a favorable environment for getting royal jelly.

2. For breeding the Queen Bees: cells should be placed at a distance of 1.2 cm or cull queen bee’s cells according their appearance and size after taking on the Queen Bee’s upbringing.

The structure set Jenter’s honeycombs 015 includes:

  • Honeycomb (the base of any set: it made in form which imitates natural gasket). Gasket is completed by plastic cellular base, simulating pulled bees honeycombs, the back tight cover, and the front cover in the form of separate lattice that allows access to bees to the honeycomb limiting the Queen Bee.
  • Set (115 pcs.) of bottom boards for laying eggs on them by the Queen Bee.
  • Set (115 pcs.) bowls for airtight connection to the bottom board where larva of bees is. This connection is exactly copies the natural queen bee’s cell and bees can easily adopt these larvae on the Queen Bee’s upbringing.
  • Choke for the isolation of the Queen Bee on honeycomb during the time of its laying of eggs.
  • Thin queen cage for protection the queen bee’s cell and the Queen Bee queen after outlet (thin curlers) – 10 pcs.
  • The bar with holes for accommodating 33 bowls with larvae in a row – 3 pcs.
  • Special plug for 11 bowls allows you to clear a whole row (33 bowls) for a three times only.
  • The User’s Guide language of Jenter’s honeycomb (factory)

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